Andonia Reynolds: Founder of Everything Equine Learning Center

Andonia Reynolds

Andonia Reynolds is a Certified Riding Instructor with 14 years of experience and 21 years of backcountry horsemanship experience. She is in the process of acquiring a Certified Equine Services diploma at the University of Guelph and is a Certified Equine First Aid Instructor and Affiliate with Equi-Health Canada. Andonia has worked with horses her entire life. Her passion for horses is what drives her spirit and stirs her soul.

Throughout her lifetime, Andonia has amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge about horses. Some of this knowledge was learned through her academic background. Most of her wisdom about these magnificent creatures was learned through her daily direct interactions with different horses and cannot be learned through books. She has the natural ability to instantly gain rapport and trust with horses – a feat not easily achieved by many, as horses are highly intelligent and very in-tune with the emotions and characters of those around them.

Andonia Reynolds Experience/Training:

  • Olds College, Equine Science – Majored, Western Horsemanship
  • Certified Horsemanship Association – Level 1 English/Western
  • University of Guelph distant learning – Equine Science Diploma
  • Equi Health Canada – Certified Instructor and Licensed Affiliate

Jeremy McAndrew: Founder of  Mountain Park Equine Pursuits

jeremy mcandrew
Jeremy McAndrew


Jeremy is a Park Warden with the Parks Canada Agency.  He has 30 years of backcountry experience, 20 years of professional experience operating and maintaining large vehicles, trailers, and other heavy equipment with relation to the transport of horses, and five years of professional equine experience riding in the backcountry of Canada’s Mountain National Parks.  Through his work, Jeremy has developed a network of local business owners operating in the tourism sector of the equine industry, which will support the goals for breeding and “for hire” programs.




Horses hold a special place in people’s hearts. Whether a person owns horses or not, there is a romantic mystique about equines. The equine has helped build many civilizations throughout history and is prominent in literature.

Presently, the horse is more of a curiosity for most. Its professional applications, while still present, are reduced to a narrow segment of the economy. Most participate in the equine industry out of passion for horses. This participation is land- and cost-intensive, which limits many to only dreaming of the adventures they might have.

The vision of CVES is to create a space where all segments of the equine industry intersect to provide the opportunities necessary for aspiring equine enthusiasts to realize their dreams, whether they be recreational, competitive or professional.


The mission outlined below will enable CVES to achieve its vision

  • Create an affordable space for aspiring equine enthusiasts and professionals to engage their chosen passion
  • Stimulate interest, locally and regionally, for equine industry
  • Provide opportunities for post-secondary students studying in equine related disciplines
  • Raise awareness of equine in our Canadian heritage and promote the Canadian Horse, our national equine

Core Values

The following core values embody the CVES culture, spirit, and operating standards.  They guide Company decisions from products used, strategic partners, vendors, suppliers, and clients.

  • Access
    • CVES aims to promote, through each of its business streams, the accessibility of equines to all, regardless of income
  • Opportunity
    • CVES will provide opportunities in a professional equine arena to new equine professionals such as instructors, trainers, farriers, veterinarians, and others, to empower them to overcome the obstacles of student debt, thus enabling them to penetrate the market in their chosen profession
  • Professionalism and Excellence
    • CVES will operate to the highest standards of the equine industry and will actively seek to redefine these standards for the betterment of equines and the Canadian equine industry
  • Heritage and Education
    • CVES will operate its programs to celebrate the Canadian Horse, the history of equines in Canada, and share a detailed accounting of such with all who wish to know
  • Service
    • CVES is committed to providing the highest level of service to all clients, the community, and the equine industry