Horse Training

train the trainerIf you are looking to have your horse started under saddle, a refresher or you have some behaviour problems that need to be worked out then book your horse with us.

Training will commence March 2018 – 2 spots available, 30-60-90 days available.

What to Expect

  • walk right up to you, and will be able to be caught anywhere
  • quietly stand for saddling/unsaddling, bridling/un-bridling
  • stand tied quietly
  • pick up all hooves, and stand quietly while you handle and/or clean them
  • be brushed and touched all over
  • be desensitized to objects
  • lead and lunge without balking
  • stand for mounting/dismounting
  • be able to get on your horse cold-backed without any issues
  • walk, trot, and lope
  • be starting to pick up correct leads
  • have a good “whoa” on them
  • give their head to both sides and down


Please note all horses are different and will be assessed during training. We will not push a horse if they are not ready for the next step, as we work on building a bond and willingness of the horse. Please contact us to chat about details!

Pricing for horse boarding while he or she is in training with us is additional to the fees above.

Pack Horse Training

We can train your horse to learn how to pack! Contact us for details.